Jd Humanoid Robot Controlled By Kinect


This is a video of JD being controlled by a Kinect, I still need to to fix some discrepancies.

Only head, arms and grippers are being controlled.

I have the legs ready but i need to figure out away to secure JD when he loses the equilibrium, it's very difficult to keep him safe if you make a wrong move.

fishing lines ? more ideas ?


very impressive!


Nicely done!


Woo! Nice Smile will this be an ezbuilder plugin?

Also, is there a specific type of Kinect required? Can I use the one that came with my Xbox or do I need a developer version, etc


i would like to extend the control to the legs, i think i will add two screws JD top box near the shoulders and fishing line to a vertical frame. If JD loses the equilibrium the lines hold him up, it seems an ugly hack, until a better idea.

I'm working the calculations, currently every joint is calculated independently, but, i believe when you see a skeleton as whole you can infer/adjust the joints minimize the errors.

I have two kinects:
Kinect V1 Xbox 360 (game console)
Kinect V2 Xbox One (windows KFW version)

the work is being done with the Kinect V2, API has more stuff, although the requirements are significantly higher:
genuine exclusive USB 3.0 channel
core I5 minimum (i plan to move to a core i7 to explore more stuff)

Kinect V1 and V2 have different API's.

I believe is possible to obtain similar results (less compared to V2).

before there were two versions of kinects: console & windows, last year MSFT abandoned the KFW (Windows), so now there is only one Kinect version, and you will need to buy an adapter to use with a PC.

I would like to hear ideas to explore the kinect interaction via EZ-Builder.


For stability, you can use the orientation sensor to detect that a fall is occurring, and have some auto-positions for restoring to a safe orientation, as well as standing back up if it does fall. A harness to prevent falls in the first place would certainly be useful while developing those routines.



Impressed! Great job! I look forward to messing with this sometime.


@PTP, is it possible to record these actions live?


can you explain what you mean ?


As the video shows You making motions live in front of Kinect. The servos move to follow your motions live. Could it be possible record your live performance and play back that motion ( not live)?