Windows 2016.02.24.00



- Ensure the plugin installer is launched from the EZ-Builder folder, in case there is a working directory change

- Fix for Sound Servo (Mic) when Pause button was pressed, preventing it from being unpaused

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Hey DJ!

I've never done a bug report by now so I don't know if this is a bug or not but here it is:
The Joystick control is not creating any variables when the "Set EZ-Script variables" box is checked and if the variables ($JoystickX1, $JoystickY1 etc.) are declared in a script, their value does not change when playing with joysticks.

Keep up the amazing work, have a nice day! Smile


Thanks! I'll take a look and add it to be fixed Smile

I would recommend using a different approach than the variables anyway. The variables return a float between 1 and -1. Which is ugly to calculate for. I recommend setting the servos for each direction as a Virtual Servo. That means a servo stating with the letter Vx. The virtual servo can therefore be used to easily obtain joystick positioning with ease.


I was hoping that the variables would work the other way around too xD (setting the joystick position). It's much more easier to make precise movements if the positions of the joysticks are calculated correctly (for example camera tracking becomes a walk in the park if let's say $posX = ($CameraObjectCenterX - 320)/320 -for 640x480- and assigning $JoystickX1 a value based on $posX.). This way if you have a rover or something like that you only need to focus on how much it shoud rotate its whole body or just the camera in order to have the tracked object in the center, leaving the joystick take care of the movements. I don't know if what I said makes sense but in my head it seems to be easier this way Grin