Windows Release 2016.01.30.00


That would work for me too.

Using an IOS device, I can the blue item in the control display in EZ-Builder tracking the compass, but of course not the specific compass variables (yet) Smile

$accelerometerXYZ, $altitude, $GyroscopeXYZ , $Latitude & $Longitude, $MagneticHeading all seem to be there and working

Only downside I see, is that the app needs to have focus on the IOS device



All apps on ios will need focus to run. Android has "services", but they're not used often because it'll slow down the device. Remember, these are phones we're talking about Grin Not computers.

The EZ-Builder mobile app, for example, doesn't let the device sleep when it is loaded. That would be a good option for a compass/geo app


In my case at least, the Android device would be plugged in to a 5v power source on the robot. Either in settings, or enabling developer options for devices that don't have a setting for it, you can disable sleep when externally powered.

Also, if I were to run the IMU app in the background, it would be because I would be running Skype or Duo or Hangouts in the foreground to have remote video conferencing with whoever is in front of the robot, so it would be held awake anyway.