Windows Release 2016.01.13.00



- Audio playback time enhancement and uses even less cpu by processing the pre-buffer in one go, rather than in packets. Previous versions processed the pre-buffer per specified packet size (default is 256 bytes), this version processes it as one chunk (default 20,000 bytes). Decreases playback start time and cpu usage. Once pre-buffer has completed sending to EZ-B, the packet size of 256 bytes is used.

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As always, thanks....


Fantastic work. I feel like these are the good old days of updates once a week. All these optimization are appreciated!


All preparation for the new ez-b v4.x/2 which starts shipping pretty soon! The new accessories, such as the inverted pendulum, etc are somewhat dependent on it due to the dramatic performance increase.


any news on eta of inverted pendulum ect.


After the release of the EZ-B v4.x/2


Will the inverted pendulum be compatible with EZ-Bv4.x/1?