Trying To Make A Plugin For Xv-11 Lidar Using Sureal Controller


I am making a plugin to use the XV-11 LIDAR with the GetSurreal 1.2 controller in EZ-Builder, but I am having an issue on step 6.5 of the plugin tutorial. I tried creating the stub plugin and going to my plugins, but I get a 404 error.

Just letting you know. Let me know if there is anything I can do to get the XML file that is required.



Don't right click of your browser doesn't like it. Just click on it and download the xml file.


Here is what is happening. I could very well be doing something wrong. I have tried with Chrome and Edge.

I choose Create plugin

Click OK on the ?Create New EZ-Builder plugin? dialog box.

I enter a name in the plugin Title field and click Save Details. I have nothing to upload at this point because I dont have the XML file that is needed.

I click the link at the top "Plugins/";

I get this...
This page has been moved or is no longer available. Please look around the website to see if it's been moved.
Otherwise, you can always Contact Us if you're looking for something specific. Smile

I wonder if it is because of my username. Let me change that and see what happens.


yep, that was it. Dropped the .com off the end of the username and it worked.


Ah, I see... Yes that would cause a problem. Let me look into handling periods in username url


Something to note, I suspect that you will be using system.timers.timer, not system.forms.timer for obvious performance reasons. this means you should look at my plugins to see the ez.builder.invokers class to ensure updating any gui objects do not result in cross thread exceptions. A tip incase you run into that.


Thanks for that. Am I able to use multiple threads in a plugin? The way it is written is that there is a thread gathering data from the serial port, and another thread to update a panel and parameters in EZ-Builder (up to 360 of them). I had to step away to get some rest but I will work on getting the plugin setup tomorrow. I wrote it as a windows form while getting everything to work, but I will rework it into a dll tomorrow.

I am adding the ability to rotate the generated image and allow someone to restrict the the values or angles returned. This will allow someone to use this when there isn't a clear 360 degree view based on how it is mounted in the robot.


You can run as many threads as you like - however be careful not to push the OS' threading factory with too many threads.

If it matters, if I wrote it, it would all be in one system.timers.timer thread.


The changes for choosing to display only a range of angles has been made and the change to allow the user to rotate the map image has been made. I have also updated this to run in a single thread.

DJ, do you have a plugin that shows how to create and update a variable array using the EZBuilder.dll? I have only used the EZB.dll in the past to do this but as a plugin, I don't thing that this is necessary but I could be wrong. Also, I will need to look into what you recommended above.

My plan is to release this as a Christmas present to those who have purchased the Lidar and GetSurreal controller based on my previous posts about it. I have gotten some emails asking how to make it work and wanted to provide something to you so that your purchase based on my recommendation isn't wasted money.

This plugin will allow you to see the current readings from the lidar. It doesn't build a map for you. It will display this information on the screen (that is pretty ugly I must admit) and set variables for you to use in scripts. I will also post the code for this plugin so if anyone wants to take it and run with it, you can. If you do, please start by making the image that is displayed more pretty. This isn't what I am good at. Also, please share the code for any updates that you make to this plugin.


Sorry, I didnt see the Array sorting plugin earlier. I will take a look at that to see if it is what I am looking for.