Apple Watch Robot Control


Awesome! Yeah - i was spoiled with answering calls on my wrist in 2010 with this watch I got from eBay from china. Surprisingly, it was pretty remarkable! I still have it, but the charging cable is lost so the battery has been dead for a few years. The watch was really robust and quite sexy. It had a real real real black metal case with a large watch face. The OS was some java based thing, that did have apps and you could upload your own. It connected to your phone via bluetooth, and it had a camera on it! The camera wasn't the best quality, but it was sure neat. It also had an FM radio and a micro SD card slow under the battery. The touch screen worked well, and it had a stylist that slid into the side.

To be honest, that watch in 2010 was a little cooler than the apple watch, mainly because it was easily "hackable" and had the camera.

I don't mind my Apple Watch - but it's the only apple product that i haven't fallen in love with... In fact, it's the complete opposite - i truly can care less if i had an apple watch or not. It just doesn't "do it for me" - which is disappointing because with all the wearable tech out there, i was hoping Apple would do it right.

I have to say, the Microsoft Fit Band thingy is pretty remarkable. I do wish it wasn't a plastic cheap-o case and rubber band, but for $249 CAD it isn't a bad price. Specifically when you compare it against my $1,000 Apple Watch! The microsoft band has apps as well, plus the UI is fun to play with. Microsoft doesn't always pay attention to style, i guess that's a reflection of bill gates - wouldn't say he was ever the most stylish individual Grin


Is the apple watch controls still available? I have tried several time to connect the watch to JD but nothing ever comes up? any suggestions?


Unfortunately, the Apple Watch app is no longer available.