Updated and Finally finished ! (for now !) I installed an IoTiny in my R2D2.. He is doing well so far. I had a problem with the camera but a full charge into the battery seemed to make it go away. Here is the details of the IoTiny install and added speaker.

I need to add and build additional scripting. Once he is done a video will follow.

My robot head Antonn, and R2D2 should keep my Amazon Echo busy.

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Antonn refuses to smile even though he says cheese !

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Congratulations on finishing your building process. I know it has to feel great. I'm looking forward to your video. I have a little R2 I want to upgrade my self. I've been watching your process.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the congrats. It was good to finally get the IoTiny installed. I had some issues with the v/4 and it was overkill anyway. The bigger speaker will make a big difference and is a lot better than the old EZB/v4 one. It's now right in the grille mount where it should be.

I have begun tuning the Movement Panel and dome tracking. I also plan on running the lights I installed in the dome and of course he will need to speak.

I am planning on having Antonn give voice commands to operate R2. It should be fun.


Ron R,
Your R2 is looking great, your placement of components for your hack look natural.
Did you end up using the Vex drive or EZ Robot servos?
The interaction you have planned between Antonn, R2, and the Echo dot, sounds interesting.
Steve S


Hi Steve S,

Thanks Steve.

I used the EZ Robot Continuous Servos. There are .stl files in this thread which help mount them to the feet.

Antonn already commands Alexa to get schedules, music and turn things on and off which are and are not Alexa compatable. It will be fun to have him and R2 have discussions. If they need help Alexa can help get the answers.

Ron R


Finally, Here is a video !


@Steve S, I forgot you also wanted this. He is sorry he didn't mention your name too !



thats an awesome r2D2,very nice.


Thanks Buddy, Yes, he is fun !