A New Hand For Inmoov?


That's great Bob. Started watching the video and I was thinking "that hand has got some nice fluid movement". Then I saw your hand appear with the flex glove... and I was even more impressed. Seriously cool.


Thanks Steve, like I said in an earlier post, connecting that glove to an Arduino was a ridiculously labourious task. With the help of your tutorial it was ridiculously EZ to get it working with the v4.
Standby though, I have finally got my printer to print flexible filament, so I am working on another hand design which, so far, looks like a better alternative.


I hacked another hand design - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:380665 adding 5 EZ-Robot micro servos in the hand and 2 heavy duty servos for the wrist. The flexible joints in the fingers makes it easier to grasp objects.


Hello Bob,

cool your new Hand!

But now its difficult to say what is better (both version are cool)

Your are the Expert, so what is your opion? Which is better?

Better to print, better for craping things?

What i see until now, the new hand looks definitiv more like a real Hand!

You know if people have a choice, the problems beginns ;-)



But all new Hands are better then the old one!


Hi Bob,

other question:

Do you think about to install pressur sensors to the fingers?

Maybe its possible to make a little hole in the inside of the finger tops

only 0,2 millimeter inside and 5 mm circle

for the fsr400short


so then its possible to glue the Pressur Sensor inside the finger (thats why the hole - the pressur sensor will be with the finger in one piece)

and check out the pressur.

It only a idea - or do you have a better idea to check the finger pressure?



After 5 times watching the new hand (with flex) i like it really much! More and more


Hello Bob,

do you check this FilaFlex Hand Version from April 2015:




@Renta, I'm not going to say the flexible hand is better than the original hand Gael created, I would never knock what he has created. The flexible hand design is different though and by adding in the servos for the finger movements in the hand makes it possible for the additional wrist movement. The flexible joints help it to conform well to irregular shaped objects.
The Handii hand doesn't grasp objects very at all. Watching the videos, I think it was made to pinch small objects between the thumb and index finger - and that's about it but it does that well.
Adding pressure sensors in a few key locations would definitely good to do as would adding some rubber pads, to improve the grip. Maybe they could be integrated into one. Something to work on.
I'm going to try and print the Flexible Fingers - looks tough, I don't think the flexible filament will work well for the supports needed.


So @Bob, which hand of the 3 do you like/rate the best all rounder?... 1) Gael's original inMoov... 2) The one in post # 1... 3) Your latest one in post #13?


Hi Bob,

so do you print from the new hand, the fingers with PLA/ABS or with FilaFlex?

So for my opinion, the last version is the best. If you have an idea so make some of these rubbers what you mean, with place for the pressur sensor, i take it ;-)

So my biggest wish for christmas:

Please BOB share this cool hand!

I want to give my "Hansi" Inmoov some Hands as a present.



Do you see Gael uploaded the mid Stomach





@Richard, I definitely won't be going with the Handii hand from Post #1. It was an interesting build to see if I could put all those servos in the hand.
I think I'm going to clean up the Flexihand and install it on my InMoov and then compare it with the original design that way. I really like the Flexihand's capability to grasp objects.

@Renta, Tough to share the build other than with photo's. Really - I just started hacking and hot gluing things in place till it worked. I am going to make a proper servo bracket though. I'll keep you posted.