Xlrobots 1:1 Scale Bb-8 Build


Joined the BB-8 Builders Club and will be 3d printing and building a 1:1 scale BB-8 robot. I will be documenting all of the build and publishing up on XLRobots TV. Since Im not back in my makerspace yet, Im working on the Interface/App for the robots control.


A little more added to the app.


Nice app, congrats !


here is the case to hold the tablet/cellphone.

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User-inserted image

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This is going to be a good build! I'll be keeping my eye on this Smile


@DJ Sures We have to come up with a better mechanism for the movement of the head and ball. What i've seen so far on the clubs page is not really working well.


Added a cover to enhance the illusion of it being a real Star Wars device.

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Update 3.


maybe this video off bb8 taking apart can help.


Thanks Nomad. Wow thats a pretty easy thing to replicate. But the magnets would never work at full scale, unless the entire head was vacuum formed and super light, but that would make his head very fragile. I was also surprised to only see two motors, i would have guess at least 4, but goes to show how much you can get out of just the two. But again scaling up would be interesting to see if you could get the same results.