Imperial AT-AT Walker Robot - The force is with me!


Ya, I want to see it walk too. It's getting closer.


Way fun! I love it. Glad to see you getting back to having fun, because if you aren't having fun, its work.


Needs a few tweaks... but he's alive Smile


So cool... Love the winch action... Are you using hitec 805bbs for the hip joints and ez-robot servos for the knee joints?



It's so good to see you getting back to making robots, and the AT-AT is a great choice. I always liked these when watching Empire when I was a kid.

Great test video too so thanks for sharing. Once you dial everything in for walking, this will be a great marketing idea what with the new movie coming up in a few weeks...

Bring your Star Wars toys to life, with EZ-Robot!

or something like that, lol. Like the others have said, your earlier builds were an inspiration to me too when I first came across EZ-Robot, and to see you having fun and getting back to building will surely be inspiration to others. I'll look forward to the next update. So good to see an AT-AT moving around and moving so well. Nicely done. Grin


Thanks @Steve

Here's another video while working on the GAIT. I will add some weights to the body for even balance. The weight of the head and it's position causes him to lean forward. Some rear counter weights will help with that. I may also add weights to the feet, since they're hollow.


You have to document this build... At Christmas Sue and I always do a Star Wars marathon thing... You have inspired me to update my Interactive R2D2 that I originally used an ezb3 with. It was sitting (ezb-less) on the shelf collecting dust.... The V4 with camera is going to make it even better...Smile Thanks!


A few more tweaks and added sound...


Nice work ! The force is with ez-robot... builders


I'm using HS-755MG for the hips and ez-robot heavy duty servos for the knees and head. The winch is the ez-robot continuous rotation servo. The turret is the ez-robot micro servo.