Windows Release 2015.10.23.00



- Display disconnected message when attempting to create a servo fine tune when not connected to an ez-b

- new ez-script command "Sort" (similar to the plugin but not built into the ez-script engine)

- increased ez-script parsing in runtime

- plugin updater when EZ-Builder loads

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Hello DJ,

i found out that the new update has one problem,

the send serial not work correctly!

MY script is:

SendSerial(1. d0, 9600, "C15,15,255"Winky

this works with the update from

Release 2015.10.16.00

but not anymore with the actual update:

Windows Release 2015.10.23.00



Between the 1 and d0 it looks like a period instead of a comma


There seems to be a space between the 1. D0

Remove the space.

There is no problem with the new update for what you have posted. That code wasn't touched - I also verified it works. It's important to check your project before blaming the update Smile Smile Smile

Remove the space, or post your exact code and I'll take a look at what assistance you may need to get rock'n again.



i check your tipp with the space!

SendSerial(1.d0,9600,"C15,15,255"Winky ( this is the full code)


it´s the same!

it not works.

I only can say what happens.

With the last update it was working and still works also with space.


I did´t change anything only the update and after the actual update it not works.

So sorry this is the true



Is it returning an error? What isn't it doing?

Is your second EZ-B connected? Because 1.d0 is the second EZ-B. Are you sure the device that is receiving the serial is not expecting a carriage return?


Hello DJ,

i am now using the EZB4 Controller for a long time.

I know to 99% how to use it.

And i change nothing in the hardware or in the scripts.

And like i said: Update 2015.10.16.00 everything fine

Update 2015.10.23.00 now serial is working!

So believe me, i checked all other possibilities.

And if you have a running system, then you make a software update and then one functions is not working anymore (you change nothing in the hardware) ....

what do you think what make the problem, everybody will say this is makes the update.



And yes my EZB Controller No.1 is connected and he is the second in the list.

I am not a rookie!


@DJ, I have to echo Boris's concerns. Before installing the latest version of EZ Builder, I made sure everything was working properly on my robot. I then installed the latest version. When I ran the robot with the latest version neither the Neo Pixel ring or the Custom Movement Panel would work. I then ran the reinstalled/repair installer, however, that did not fix things. Then I uninstalled the latest version and reinstalled the previous version 10/17/2015 and everything works as it should.

Edit. Both of these controls are running on a second EZBv4


Bhouston can you post the command that doesn't work for you as well?


None of the commands for the Neo Pixel Ring work, For example,


SendSerial(1.d18, 9600, "F0,0,100,0,0,0,50,20,R")

and for the Custom Movement Panel controlling a Sabertooth2 x 12 none of the commands work


SendSerial(1.D0,9600,127) # motor 1 127 is full speed
SendSerial(1.D0,9600,255) # motor 2 255 is full speed