Ez-robot - My Robi 2.0


haha, someday I make subtitles ^^!
thank you dave

I taught him 4000 german words..
and made 900 different audio records.. lots of work..
but now we can talk
the whole day Grin


very cool robi.stunning job.


He looks great! Now I see what you've been working on - and I'm overly impressed. Man good work.

I'm also a fan of the music Smile it sounds like Einstürzende Neubauten


@Nomad thank you :-))
@DJ Sures there is nothing more amazing than americans "edit canadians" who speaking german Grin
thanks a lot


hey - i'm canadian!

User-inserted image


Ohw! *eek*

Sorry DJ! Tongue


Really cool! This is exactly what I wanted to do with my JD robot -- teach him how to speak German! Grin

Great job, Smarty!


I studied German in college, so I understood the "eins, zwei, drei ..." part, but that's about all.
Wonderful robot Smarty. Beautiful design!



do you have the side parts off robi's head?


Bitte ... When you say you taught him 4000 words, what does that really mean? That you entered 4000 words into the Speech Recognition control? Or hundreds of phrases which have a total of 4000 words in them?