Ez-robot - My Robi 2.0


today Im finishing my Robi 2.0 Project.
EZ-B 4.0, 21 servos, 22ft cables, 6 sensors, led-boards, camera, stereo speaker,
17,8 inches tall, 5,0 pounds, 6 months of programming.

In the future I'm going to change the stickers
to ez robot logos Grin

thanks DJ <3

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Hand/ Addon


could you give link for were to buy thanks


Where did you get that very nice head?
We would like more details of Robi 2.0


awesome looking robi.


robi is only on sale ,few issues on ebay els complete 70 issues


Whoa! Robi on steroids! Robi Schwarzenegger. I'm amazed you got the EZB4 inside it like that. And a battery. Great job.

Where do you get that hand shown in the separate picture? I take it you got the head by buying just that particular kit from the Robi series? Good idea if so.


Great looking robot. Did you download the head from Thingaverse ? I saw one there.
Love to see a video.


smarty, that is a great robot!


thanks @ all !

haha "Robi on steroids! Robi Schwarzenegger" - you made my day @WBS00001 Grin
I get the hand parts from a friend in japan. they are not ready to use. its a kit.
@bborastero @OldBotBuilder @nomad TMBS only @Rod five parts of the head are from the magazine Robi, all head-technics/ electronics are self made. the body is from two different japan robots (but changed/ upgraded) a 2200mAh Lipo is inside, the hip and neck are self made.

@DJ Sures
thanks to your hard- and software. 2015 my child-dream comes true Tongue

next week I show a video


a new video (german language)
hes talking and walking

new pix

User-inserted image


What a cute little guy. Smooth movements and the voice recognition looks like it is working great. I have no idea what was being said but I was locked to the screen the whole time. I couldn't stop watching. Nice work so far.