Omron B5t Sensor


Anyone managed to hook one up to the EZB yet ?............just curious.


Not that I am aware of, yet. Although there are some members working on it. This thread might interest you if you haven't seen it already...


its not a very simple process. There are a lot of commands that have to be programmed to use this camera sensor. It is going to take some time to get an interface built to this camera sensor.

As far as hooking it up directly to the EZ-B, I am not sure that is the route you want to go, but it hasn't been tested.

I have tested the sensor with their application and it works as advertised. I am now in the process of using an arduino mini pro to interface between the EZ-B/Other devices and the HVC B5T. This allows for a layer of abstraction so that commands being sent to the camera are more user friendly. The arduino will handle the conversion of these commands to the commands needed for the HVC B5T to function. This also allows the camera sensor to be platform agnostic. I will let you know when I have made some progress on it. I am currently waiting on a cable end that will allow me to connect to the HVC B5T. Once I have that and I make a cable I will be able to really dig into it.


thanks guys for the replies. this sensor will be a game changer for robotics.

@d.cochran i look forwards to your progress on this.


Quick question. Looking at the board, the camera seems to plug into it. Is this the case?

If so, I would imagine a cam with an extender lead could be plugged in as well, allowing the cam to be located apart from the board. This would be helpful for mounting in small places (like JD's mohawk topped head).


There are two modules on the dev board. It has a communications module which plugs into the back of the sensor module. The production board doesnt do this. It has the single top board and is about 1/4 the cost.

The sensor is on the piece with the camera, all one board. The pins on the back of the production module are dead. You have to use the pins on the side of the module to connect to it.


Thanks for the response. Assuming your last post was in answer to my question, I don't think I was quite clear enough, sorry. So I've included a picture.
User-inserted image

The connector to which I was referring is pointed to by the arrow. It appears the camera module simply plugs into that little white connector. Is that true, and is it that way on the upcoming production offering?


ah, yes, that is the connection to the camera but the camera is mounted on the board. I assume it could be removed but I am not going to try it Smile


Omron sells a lot of various sensors. I dont know if they are looking at putting a higher rec camera on or not. Both the dev board and the prod board were setup like that. I saw it and though "Wonder why they did that" but that is about as far as I went on it.


@nanomole40, not for sure what your looking for or to do, but there is also the OpenMV Cam that will talk I2C or Serial.

OpenMV Cam