Hi, it's Beth from that store in the mall. Just wanted to THANK YOU for your help in Miami Florida.
I haven't gotten the problem resolved yet but I look forward to getting this project up and running.
I did ask about the battery when connecting it and sure enough you were right. It was charged as it was put together.
Again, Thank you for taking time out from your vacation to help


Great Job! It is the cutest robot.


Excellent job! Looks great!



I'm looking for candidate 'bot heads to serve as user (student) interfaces with my remedial math tutorial system. It looks like Alan's availability will depend on the Indiegogo results and would not likely to occur until February or thereabouts. The EWA head might work well as an interface for middle school or even high school students . . . so this is your own design, right?

I would need a design that supports these minimal requirements:

EZ-B v4 based
Must support devices needed for
Face recognition (digital camera),
Voice recognition (microphone),
Handwriting recognition (digital camera),
Voice synthesization (speaker)
Neck must have two degrees of freedom

Except for v4, does that match up with what you have done with EWA?

If so, in a few weeks, I'd like to talk about purchasing a head so that I can evaluate its fit with my project. Right now, I'm using a JD head for prototyping but am not sure that it will be the "go to" head for the final project.



Also, can you tell me something about the servos you are using?



Excellent job, nice robot. I hope the video will show us behaviour of ewa. :-) I am looking forward.


I use metal bearing hd servos for the head tilt and rotation..There are 2 micro servos for the arms and two continiuos rotation hd servos for the tracks.Since it has a Ezb v3 I use bluetooth audio and the original 2.4 ghz wireless camera.Can easily be used with Ezb 4. I just didnt have another Ezb 4 at the time of this build. Power is (2) 5000mah batteries at 3.7 volts each in series.


The head shell was 3 d printed from Xlrobotics.com and customized led and eye lenses added.


@mathprof I can make you any head design you wish. Let me know if your interested


rb550f, Great job on Ewa. I think it looks cool.

As far as a head design, I think it would be great to be able to show the math functions on the face of the robot, which would contain a tablet used to drive your robot. It would allow everything to be self contained and would allow you to just drop a head on a desk, plug it in and go. It is like the head used on my project. If you would like to know about this, please email me and I would be happy to send you some more information. My email is in my profile.