Introducing Alan


I think you need to add "stay focused" to that.

I find that my life has taken so many detours (not only in search for financial sustenance but interests) that my creative growth has been more sideways than up! Tongue


Dear EZ-Robot Profs and @fxrtst

I have a problem to give the BlinkM a new device adress.
I want to use two BlinkM Leds at the same time with the EZB 4.2

the old method from @Rich

I2CWrite(0,0x09,"A",0x0a) is not working..
after I start the EZ-Script, the blinkM is working only with 0,0x09.

in the data sheet of blinkM is "A" the only way to give a new adress.
but I2CWrite(0,0x09,"A",0x0a) has no effect.

how can help me ?


I am just splicing the wires together of 2 Blinks to get them to display the same color. So EZ Builder just has one address and sends protocol to x09 and both are set to default address x09 so both receive the signal and do the same thing. Not sure if that helps you.


Well that’s a wrap. After nearly a year of shooting, 2 films, my work is complete on the Avengers Infinity Wars 1 and 2. That was a lot of work but I can tell you that it won’t disappoint the Marvel fans.

What’s next? I will be making an announcement soon for what those 2 Alan’s were built for. As soon as I’m allowed to release info I will post here hopefully with a video. It’s pretty exciting, and from what I’ve seen I’m impressed with how they are being utilized.

I’m taking off work for the next year to concentrate on robotics. 2018 is going to be a big year. After the holidays I will finish Alena and Alan, which should take only a few weeks. I will not be attending the CES this year to show off the robots. Instead I will be attending some very interesting meetings that have been set up. This should lead to another big announcement. Followed by advancements with Robomodix.

And finally a full body is planned for Alan, with a special motion capture/ slave system to prerecord and playback lifelike motions.

Big year, exciting year. Stay tuned.


Sounds amazing!
Looking forward to your video and announcements.


After 2 years of waiting, I'm still super excited about Alan. Hopefully 2018 will be the year I can have one at home! I wish you a lot of success and fun with Robomodix! Your endeavour is inspiring.

(My EZ Roli is a little afraid that he'll be replaced by (another) robot soon Tongue)


Congrats Will. You deserve all the good thing, always. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve (and your movies)! Grin


I prolly should start another "introducing" but Alena still kinda falls under the Alan line of robots, so I will post here for now and may create another thread for her when she is 100% complete.

So these are just a few iphone shots from the test bench. I think the iphone camera is awful and adds about 10 pounds to her person she is very sleek. I will shoot some proper DSL shots in a week when the paint is complete.

But here are some early shots without paint and a video of her moving, sans jaw as thats still being worked on. Enjoy.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Looks great. I always get inspired by your work. I've often thought of moving the camera out of the eyes to a central location. Is that what the forehead hole is?


Yeah, i tried to incorporate it more into the head piece...when its all together and painted the idea was it was part of some kinda ornamental head piece. it will be more obvious once painted.