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Dear EZ-Robot Profs and @fxrtst

I have a problem to give the BlinkM a new device adress.
I want to use two BlinkM Leds at the same time with the EZB 4.2

the old method from @Rich

I2CWrite(0,0x09,"A",0x0a) is not working..
after I start the EZ-Script, the blinkM is working only with 0,0x09.

in the data sheet of blinkM is "A" the only way to give a new adress.
but I2CWrite(0,0x09,"A",0x0a) has no effect.

how can help me ?


I am just splicing the wires together of 2 Blinks to get them to display the same color. So EZ Builder just has one address and sends protocol to x09 and both are set to default address x09 so both receive the signal and do the same thing. Not sure if that helps you.