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Obviously completely up to you but using some salon care 40 volume developer and whitening powder (same as used for bleaching to platinum blonde) will make your bot look like New , even nicer than the color on the inside. Both products are from sallys salon dippy store http://www.sallybeauty.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-SA-Site/default/mProduct-Show?pid=LOREAL12&start=4


hey guys. It has been a really long time since I have posted on my robots progress. I have a few updated pictures for everyone. his arms and grippers are on the way in the mail! I also have an idea for for one of the grippers. Plan on making making a coffee ground/balloon gripper. We will see if i can get it to work! Grin

I was planning on trying to use the original arms, but they weren't very functional and seemed really limited. With his new arms it should be able to pick up or hold anything within the limits of the servos.

I painted it white with rustoleum plastic paint. The red is just a cheap vinyl that I cut out with an exacto-blade around the raised edges.

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Hi. I noticed you removed the rubber.bumper. I have a piece that goes there and mine is plastic instead of rubber that eventually rots. I also have a white tape player and lcd bezel that would better match your robot. Also i make new treads for the wheels if yours are melted or rotting off the hub.


If your interested in any of those my.email is kandyred@gmail.com your bot.is looking great. I cant wait to see your new grippers on them.


I love the red accents! Looking really good.


I think he added some running lights of some kind on the front of the base


thank you for the kind words!

I had to take the rubber bumper off because it was cracked and falling apart. I would definitely be interested in the plastic piece and new tires. I will have to email you when i get home later.

I'm not sure how the white from pieces would look. Are they from your 2000? I don't know if that would be too much white or not

Thank you for those video links. I was thinking of mounting them in a similar way. It really helps to see it done before you go hacking it up haha

I actually copied your idea for the lights Winky After I saw it on your thread i went searching and found them at the 99cents store. I used a light sensor to activate them whenever he goes into a dark room. They don't do anything for the camera but it sure looks cool


the biggest problem I am having right now is keeping up with all of these updates to EZ-Builder! I'm not a programmer so its all a little confusing terminology speaking. But i usually understand the idea.

I think i am going to scrap my existing project and start fresh with all of these new features (if i can remember what they all are). i feel like it would be too confusing trying to convert everything over and end up getting lost/frustrated


Cool thats awesome. Your welcome to steal any idea you want lol. Helping others with their robot is just as fun if not more than building my own! i think the matching tape deck and computer panel around where the lcd is would clean up the look. You worked really hard to make it look good it might ad well match. When you email me ill send back pics of the parts. I have pics of treads but i make those to order. As a matter of fact i will make yours red to match your robot for no additional cost. I make mine from silicon so they wont rot and stay elastic and will not scratch your floor.