My Real Size Wall.e Have A Job As Sales Promotion International Robotic Contest


thankyou @Robot-Doc Smile


robot rescue shooter, teamwork robot Smile


that is one big wall-e. i love it XD


yes, i love it too @Omegaproject


Reminds me of things my brother and I would do with bb guns, only your mobile rubber band gun is cooler!
Seriously, your work is amazing.
Thanks for sharing.


hallo @Steve S
thankyou, that just simple mechanism
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Hi eric!
I´m so proud of you. good to know that your work is giving you payback!


Hallo @Tevans ,

all of your ideas, I don't want what you and other friends try just being vain things.
Therefore I try to use what you guys provide the best I can do.

Thankyou so much Tevans Smile


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Nice job. Love your Wall.e . Smile