Niek's Omnibot Adventure


good job!, do not give up when you find a problem, sure here you will not lack support. Smile


Dude you sure have a great work space! Very organized. I can understand you just fine Smile

Excited to see your progress. The videos are a great idea. Very friendly and informative. Keep'm coming!

PS, how old are you? I think you might be one of the youngest robot builders i've ever met!


Thanks, it really means a lot hearing that from you,

I'm 13 years old (14 next month) so i'm hoping to finish my omnibot so he can serve drinks at my birthday Grin
I ordered some 20kg/cm servo's for in the arms.

As for my workspace,
It was really messy before so i decided to buy lots of little drawers and i organized and labeled everything.


Great vid.....those screws on your omni looked like they were in there pretty tight......Very well done!



The screws were REALLY tight, took me almost 20 minutes for 6 screws *blush*


"Dude you sure have a great work space! Very organized." DJ, you took the words right outta my mouth! lol
Great Vid Lyron! Good luck with your Omni Build!!!


Just bought an eee-pc i'm going to put inside omni,

Now i can also use a better quality camera since it doesn't have to be wireless anymore Smile
I could also use a usb->ttl converter in stead of bluetooth Grin


Don't try to go.too high on the camera. Get you a Logitech with 2mp resolution or lower. 640 x 480 works well. Ezb software doesn't support hd cameras yet.


@NIEK i also found a schematic for ominbot by tomy and robie sr
this site has some manuals on alot of robots,plus some schematics and lots of great info and links

omnibot by tomy schematic



I just looked on ebay but that's $200+ w/o RAM and hard drive while i only payed $100 for the eee pc second hand..