Niek's Omnibot Adventure


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I loved the idea about modding my own omnibot so i found one on ebay and bought it Tongue

My initial plan is pretty basic, just put in some servo's for the head and arms, i have an H-bridge for the movement and put in a camera.

I bought it for about $51 and $64 shipping, but I ended up paying an extra $45 on import duties (which I think is ridiculous because it's not even sold anymore) I just got the box with my omnibot (it was shipped inside a burger king box ):

Look at all those stamps!
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thank you!
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Here comes the head
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What a beautiful baby..
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Fortunately, he wasn't that discoloured from the sun so I just washed him and didn't have to repaint.

Here's the entire collection of video's. Please excuse my poor English, I wasn't doing bilingual education back when I shot these:

I'm currently working on renovating him. He was very poorly glued together and his arms snapped off. I'm planning to release a final video before my visit to EZ-Robot in July.


Lyron are you the kid in your profile picture?




cool Grin


Editing a video right now....


I figured out that the inside.of the.door.itself is a great place for the.ezb and motor controller with easy access Smile also the torso easily holds large 6v or.12v batteries for long autonomous runtimes.
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Mounting on or by the door may be ideal for you , easy access with one screw so your not taking the whole bot apart all the time.


good tip! i will definately do that if everything fits!

I'm thinking of putting a netbook on the front panel that will control the EZ-B.


So i've made a video about my current progress, i hope you can understand what i'm saying:

I've now fully taken him apart and cleaned him, now i'm waiting for parts to put inside Grin


I love the video!!!! Good luck with Omni.


Thanks! Appreciate it Grin