My 'bot "wilber" (now "ez Wilber")


Nice job


very nice and good voice too



Just to repeat myself from the other thread, I really do like the video. So much so I had to watch it again. You have done great with what you have done with Wilber. I've gotta ask, where or how did you get his voice? I love the sound of his voice and the way he speaks. Grin


@OldBotBuilder... I have to agree with Steve.... you have some serious skills... Great programming and electronics interfacing.... Smile


@Steve G,
Thanks for the kind words.
The voice is from Cepstral then I chose the voice 'William' and I used the pvc_pipe effect. Read their tutorial.

@Richard R,
Praise from you is very much appreciated. Your InMoov bartender is a very high bar for us all to shoot for.

Your InMoov and my Wilber show how versatile the EZ Robotics parts and web presence really are. From one extreme (Wilber, the minimum) to the other, (your InMoov, the maximum).


This blows me away. Two wheel balancing robots are so cool. You've made it cooler with Wilber! *cool*


@Dave Schulpius,

Thanks gor the encouraging words.


I really like Wilber! I think its very cool how you integrated the Lego and EZB.


wilber is Neat! Was he named after Mr. Ed's Wilber?


No - Wilber was just a name I thought went well with the robot.
My other robot is called Lester.