Inmoov - D.cochran Style


As far as the omron goes, I don't have anything yet. I have a question out to Tony about one item. I haven't had time to mess with it yet, as I started at the bottom of my robot and am working my way up. The lower portion of the robot should be completed by the beginning of the month and I will then start working on the head. This camera will be in the head so it is on the list. There is a lot that is going on with this robot and I am about to finish the arms. I will then work on the neck and then the head.



ok, no prob - like i was thinking!

But i must repeat like Fxrtst :

Waves hands around - please pick me also up for testing ;-)


I am finally back to working on this guy. I am doing a complete reprint and rebuild of him and documenting the print time and filament amount used. I could have used him at the convention I was at a week ago, so I decided that it is something that needs to get done.

I have been printing for 17 days on 2 flashforge creater pros and am 45% complete on printing all of the parts again. I plan on using some of the mods that others have made to improve it.

Lets see if I can do a better job of documentation this time.


I do have to say that the Flashforge Creator Pros are making pieces that fit together much more nicely that the Solidoodle 3 did. It is nice not to have to do near as much sanding to get the parts to fit together.


60.43% printed in 20 days so far. I plan to piece each section together and then make them look more finished. A couple of mods that I am doing to the InMoov are

The second mod will let me do one of two things that I have been wanting to test out. One is to print using NinjaTek Cheetah and if that doesn't work out, make silicone or rubber joints using the 3D printed mold. Thanks to Bob Houston for attempting this and getting it working well. I will be using the same design as he did for the hands of the robot. Mike Ernie also is working on the same thing I believe.

I plan to print everything out and get it fit together well, and then sand and fill the seams prior to painting the parts. I hope that this will give the robot a more finished look like some of the ones that I have seen in the InMoov community. This one will be for show more than anything, so I think it will be important to do this.

So far, I have used 5.58 KG of filament and am at 60.43% complete on printing. I am not reprinting the head or the pieces that are normally used in the hand. I have a complete head that has been printed and polished and built. The other parts for the hand won't do me any good as I will be printing the other hands anyway.

I am planning on building a central circuit board that will allow the EZ-B's to be plugged into it and then use USB cables to run to other small circuit boards in different areas of the robot. This should allow power to be run to specific areas of the robot along with a USB cable or two to be used to keep the wiring clean. That is the plan anyway... We will see how it goes.

On power, I plan to use a LiFePo4 12v 20A battery and Castle UBEC's for regulating power. These are programmable and will allow me to place them directly on the small circuit boards that are placed in different locations. The Castle UBEC's are able to handle about 8A and have a capacitor on them that helps to prevent brownouts. A power cable would run to each of the circuit boards and connected via screw terminals. The power would be regulated through the on-board UBEC before going to the servo/sensor connections. This should allow easy disconnect and also allow to prevent brownouts due to voltage requirement spikes through the use of the UBEC's capacitor, and then also allow the voltage going to any specific section to be adjusted if different servos are used. Fingers are crossed that it all work. I might use a different connector for power to the circuit boards but IDK yet. Anyway, I will have to order 4 sets of boards. I am being painfully careful that everything is correct on the first set of boards, but things seem to creep in sometimes.

As far a power on the EZ-B's and onboard computer (Going to give the Latte Panda a go here) there will be a Castle UBEC on the central circuit board which would then provide power to the EZ-B's and the Latte Panda. Since the back is open (not using a tablet), it is possible to access all of these components from the back door. I doubt that I would put in USB ports, network port or HDMI ports but I may put some in the back door. I am a long way from this, so I might change my mind.

Anyway, that's an update Smile


@cochranrobotics, 18 day, you must be printing non stop? Are you going to use the monitor in front of your Inmoov as before? Looking forward to seeing your new build.

I like your idea using 12volts and the castle UBEC especially for driving the mobile base.


Dave, not sure if you saw my recent posting about using the HDD servo instead of the HS805 servos, but I've been experimenting using one HDD servo on for the elbow servo and that work great, No buzzing under load. I'm going to try it next on the shoulder/arm servo and see if it can lift the arm, once I disassembly my InMoov and remove the HS805BB servos.

It might be worth thinking about as your in build mode?



@cem, Yep, I am looking at using the HDD servos everywhere possible. I am looking forward to your results.

@Merne, yea, pretty much non-stop. I have 2 printers going non-stop and am planning out sleep time around filament changes, maintenance and starting the next part going. I am going to print the entire inmoov before really starting to assemble it. I plan on taking my time on assembly.

I am not planning on having a monitor on the robot at all. I plan to RDP into the robot if needed. Plans are also to connect to the EZ-B's via USB and use a single camera in the eyes. More than anything, this will travel with me to conventions and events so that I can show people first hand that the EZ-B is a real robot controller.

The nice thing about using the Latte Panda here is the onboard Arduino for driving the Neopixel ring among other things as they come up. It prevents me from having to put another device somewhere else that I forget about and blow up Smile

Here is the thought on the circuit board design. Having the UBEC's programmable allows different servos to be tested out easily. There are a lot of filler pieces in here just because I need them from time to time and since I would be paying someone to make the boards, might as well get something out of the blank space.
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@David ... I envy your passion again. I lost some robot building steam a while back. Just waiting for my motivation and inspiration to return still.... I have a half built inMoov and another humanoid still to complete just can't seem to get motivated...


It is more of a curse than anything I suppose. If I stop moving, I fall asleep. It keeps me from enjoying movies or really much of anything that isn't pushing my mind. I have been like that for a long time, and I have to completely unplug to get rest. This is when I go silent for a long time, but my mind doesn't stop trying to solve or figure out issues. It is frustrating sometimes for me, but is very frustrating for those in my family that don't get it and just have to accept it.

My dad was the same way and one day he just quit trying to figure this kind of stuff out. I am seriously afraid of that day for me. I don't know what I will do.