Inmoov - D.cochran Style


hey David this is more question for Richard do you know the tower pro at does it have the round pot or the square pots.

although I'm thinking I'm still going to print your boat that way you have both just in case.

also the HDMI cable you want to make sure you get the thinnest cable possible if you want to go to the arm because the way it rotates and a potometer holder could get in the way.


@Merne Do you mean the Tower Hobbies TS-80 Giant scale servos? If so all the ones I bought had the square pot...



Thanks merne.

Update to this project. The computer is built and I'm installing windows updates now. I'll record a video of the install of ez-ai on this machine, but it has a 7 inch touchscreen on it, so I might fudge a bit.


@Richarh R. yes thank you.

David i am going to print both round and Square just in case the manufacure changes pot again.

I bet that pc is going to scream. Fyi the head is none printed. i printed all 3 ears so you can choose which ones to use with your inmoov. man there is a lot of part when just printing and not being able to build it. : -)

i have started the bi-ceps abd should be completed by tomorrow night. it is getting closer. yea!


also David you might want to think about how you want the chest to be on inmoov, because I need to know so I know what parts and how many to print out are you going to use kinect or not and if you want to go like mine or Richards or Bob's inmoov or d.cochran's style inmoov. Smile


I don't think I'm going to use the kinect. Please just do the normal chest.

I'm having issues with the bluetooth connecting to the mini keyboard. Actually, the bluetooth doesn't connect to any of my devices so I'm trouble shooting that.


well, that fight is over. A Microsoft update fixed the issue. I am typing this with the mini blue tooth keyboard.


okay I'm going to have to send Gael a email asking him if the first toroso without the connect holes are the same pieces / compatible for the new inmoov.

Richard might have an answer. Richard did you use the Kinect torso or the original torso without to connect hole?

bummer about the Bluetooth.


nice I'm glad you got it going.


Okay, well tomorrow I will work on wrapping up if EZ-AI. I can test out the install and make sure everything works as expected on this PC. After recording a video of the install, I will publish the new setup procedures for a Windows 8.1 machine. Merne and I did find one thing that is different on a Windows 7 build and I will mention that on the video. I will also record another video showing the GPS module running. I will also record a video for this build showing the components that were chosen so far and how the computer reacts to things in EZ-Builder and the other things installed.

I can say that working off of a 7 inch screen and a six inch keyboard/touchpad combo keyboard is going to take some getting used to. I also have to design a small storage compartment in the robot to hold the stylus, keyboard and remote control for the monitor. So far so good on this part of the build though. I'm impressed with the speed of this computer in all aspects. A cold boot up is very quick and a wake up is only about 1 second.. I will show that in the videos I record.