Spinmaster Meccanoid Robot


Anybody seen this guy yet.Looks interesting.He is shown on Youtube 2015 CES show.
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Yeah somebody posted about this a few weeks ago. I actually do kinda like it, but it just seems a bit too flexible to me. I do like the interaction with the motion capture however, and it's a good concept.


I like it too, but it needs an ezb4 treatment and an all aluminum frame.... Smile


I just built the 1.2mtr KS and apart from a big assembly job of around 9 hours is a great project.
Its controller is ok but not code programmable at the moment but they promise we can sometime soon. The servos are smart servos that you can daisy chain.
It can definitely be modified for use as an autonomous bot or a telepresence bot, in fact I will be installing an EZB4 next week.
I have a 3D printer so I will be working on a pair of grippers or hands possibly controlled by Arduino with EZB calling the shots. There happens to be a new Raspberry pi sitting in my workshop waiting for some task within this project.
the Meccanoid has plenty of room to bolt things on or in so it will be a great platform and yes it is strong enough for the job.


Nice - when you find information about the servos, i'll add a plugin in our software to support them so we can give this platform the ez-robot overhaul Grin


I'm fine with that. There is currently no information online about the Meccanoid components as it is still too new I suspect but I can pull a servo off and try to find some identifiers. Maybe tomorrow.
I am planning on putting a head on its shoulders as well. Printed an Inmove head already so just a mater of bolting it on.


Hello @Kleinman98

Sounds like a fun project with a good ezb future. Please continue to update us on this robot. I was looking at this in the store and it may fit in a future project.

It was nice to hear the frame isn't as weak as thought. The idea of Dj working on the servo "plug in" will sweeten the idea.


Ron R


After reading and researching more about it - i don't think it's a worth while venture for ez-robot to support their servos at this time.


Here are the photos of the servos in question.
Not much info to go on but can always swap them out. Any suggestions?

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As you can see, there is nothing special about the servo casing so swapping them out for servos that are supported wouldn't be a problem. Can the EZ-B handle daisy chained servos?