This Iq My Personal Robot


Yeh, it seems like it was, I guess, 1972-1976, I don't remember. My first son was born in 1970 and it came when he was a little boy because I bought a metal lathe to work on that project. He and I worked on it together. Oh, it he was 5-7 so that would've made it 1976-1980 maybe. I don't know. We had a lot of fun with it.


Sorry. I wasn't trying to steal the thread. You have developed an Extremely nice robot.



Great job! May I ask where did you buy these drive trains ?
Or the specification. They look like exactly what I need right now...


I got those motors at a surplus store.I believe they are Brevel gear motors.


I know I'm late to the thread but I have to say your project looks pretty sweet!



You say it took you three months to cut and glue the panels for IQ... well, It shows. You have done a really great job with a clean build and ended up with a fantastic looking robot. I also really like the lighting you have going on there, especially the blue lighting strips. It really adds the extra "coolness" to the overall design. If IQ is a proof of concept, I really look forward to what you do next.

100 "Cool" points for you sir. Smile


I second that!


IQ is very cool nice job!
I got a pair just like that from Herbach & Rademan (link below) but I don't see them there now. But they have some similar ones.



Any specs you can provide on the Windows 8 tablet? I'm looking at either a fanless pc with a small hdmi monitor, or a tablet as an onboard computer. Would be interested in knowing what you use and if its robust enough for your purposes.




I use a PIPO W4 8 inch tablet with Full Windows 8.1.It has Hdmi output and runs EZB software very well.Quad core...Excellent graphics..Purchased on EBAY for less than $100.