Dirgebot V1


Wow that's a killer bot dude! I'm not a big fan of bipeds but that design works!
I love your BMAX too!

Yes I am working diligently on this Dirgebot but it's just taking longer than expected...I'm pretty close though...Thanks for caring.


Your work looks amazing.
Making molds and producing light powerful cool looking parts is definitely the right way to go.
I seem to produce better parts on my computer than I do sculpting parts by hand.
So a 3d printer is the best way for me to make many of my parts.
I need to learn the art of mold making and casting parts.
I look forward to seeing more of your Dirgebot and Doombot.


So very impressed by both Doombot and Dirgebots. Killer work on the sculpting and casting. It was well worth the time to read through both threads just to see the various process you went through. Love it all!


@doombot Hello... You must be busy but any new pictures of your projects... We haven't heard from you lately. I know it's Harley time... but !


why wheels @Doombot