Ez-ai Is Ready For Use Is Your Willing To Do A Bit Of Configuration Yourself


Are you using my sample project?

Are you saying that EZ-Builder is launching ez-ai?

Do you have team viewer installed? If so, I can connect and see what is happening.


Thank you. bty i sent you an email


We were able to get things going for Merne. We also discovered a bug in one of the screens that I will work on correcting today.

Merne, I want to thank you for allowing me to see what was happening. I also think I will take you up on that offer from last night. It will let me focus more on programming.

I should have a new version out this evening.


David has gotten his database going on my pc and has found one last bug, which he will sqush. other than that, David's database, in MHO will add great features to EZB! Maybe even Revolutionize how everyone uses EZB and and their robots.

Thank you again David for your awesome database and your help configuring it.



There will be a small patch to the database and a new executable. I will get with you this evening. After we know this fixed the issue, I will make changes to the install.

Thank you for helping to find these.


The patch was put in and the issue resolved tonight. I will put out modifications to the install tomorrow for anyone else who want to use this. I am looking for other ideas as to what to add. If you have any, let me know.

As soon as possible, I will be using this on an inmoov and an xlr1. My wife and daughter are actually getting interested in ez-robot because of what EZ-AI adds to EZ-Builder. I have been able to show how this can be useful to them. This may open the purse strings a bit more Smile


The source code can be downloaded
Source code for EZ-AI


Here are the next changes that I want to put in. I dont know when they will be done but, its my plan anyway

Add screen to see ActivityLog data and allow the user to clear the log for certain users or truncate the log

Add screen to see SongLog data and allow the user to clear the log for certain users or truncate the log

Add screen to see RhymeLog data and allow the user to clear the log for certain users or truncate the log

Change usp_GetNextActivity to account for songs being disabled in EZ-Builder

Redesign the FamilyRelationship screen to make it more usable.

Find logo and image for EZ-AI

Add help screen with version and contact information

Add screen to allow users to input data into the TimerEvent table to allow keyboard entry to set timed events for themselves or others. Its easier than doing this via voice commands but voice commands in EZ-Builder will still be possible.

Allow more than 50 characters for the Reminder.Text field and TimerEvent timer description fields.


David, really great work you are doing here! You asked for other ideas of what to add, this is only a suggestion but how about adding associative memory to your Ai system?

Here is a video of associative memory running on our Ai core, its pretty useful.



That is great. It wouldn't be hard to add. I would have to put in a module to go scrape websites based on the questions. That is a great idea.

This is one of the great things about EZ-Builder being a PC based application instead being compiled and pushed to a controller. Being able to access multiple websites to harvest data gives the app so much "smarter".

Thanks for the recommendation. It is a great one.