Xlr-one Finished Alive With Ez-robot Inside


Finally....XLR-ONE is done! Ready for his big debut on Kickstarter! Will be posting the Kickstarter video this weekend as well as new videos.

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Congratz ! Nice piece of work !


very nice robot.
i would try rubber wheels to.


Anthony, great design! I really like the one eye version.
I am not trying to hijack your thread, but have you considered using a pulsing (superbright) LED in the single eye? I did this on the old AIMEC robots and used it to show simple robot functions like thinking, normal mode, shutdown and anger by pulse bursting the LED at different frequencies. It worked really well, it really felt like the robot was alive when looking at the eye.

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On the AIMEC robots it was just a simple 8pin PIC outputting ramping PWM to a transistor driver, here is an old video of it in action.

I think this would look great on your XLR-ONE robot, its just a thought.



I take back what I said about it's proportions, it must have been the angle of the video last time, it looks great that size.

It's great to see one of your big guys complete and moving around at last! As good as the posts have been showing progress I've always kind of thought "Is he ever going to finish one".

Well done! That's a great robot.


@Anthony... If you are doing a kickstarter for XLR-One, how do you plan on manufacturing these fast enough to meet demand? There is no way you are going to 3d manufacture these for your customers. Even if you had 10 printers... Besides people want a nice finished (polished) product... Assuming you get enough sales are you going to set up a manufacturing facility? That's a big, big challenge ... It took EZ Robot almost 2 million to get Revolution produced and on the market.... More power to you if you can make this happen...

Not criticizing at all because I actually really love your design... However, you might want to slightly re-design the base to be a little larger (wider and longer)... I noticed he wobbles a little in rotational turns(point turns)... Might want to try a pivot turn to see how he handles that as well...

Probably too late for such a major design change but 2 wider drive wheels up front and a trailing castor wheel in the rear would make him turn way better than the 4 wheeled "tank" style drive base you have now... This is the setup I used when I built my inMoov's drive base....


Great job Tony.


Thanks guys.

@rich r. The base is just the right size. The wobble is due to the power of the servos. I was running it right after the last wire connected because It was 4am. So I will be using the ramping script which I used before when I first tested it which were perfect. I was just in a hurry to finally see it in action.


@Tony the lens eye is for the camera. The only lights I wanted were the 2 to the right of the face.


BOOM! I'm blown away Ant! Awesome work. You gotta be very proud. I'm honored to have been able to watch your progress and can't wait to see where this takes you. Please keep us in the loop as you progress and do your fine tuning.

I"m anxious to see it turn and move after you add your ramping scripts. I noticed the wobble also but I didn't think it had anything to do with needing a larger base. I assumed it was because you have several wheels in line and they are fighting each other when turning. I get this effect when I turn large wheeled construction equipment meant to be operated off road on hard concrete. When you have time could you post the ramping script you're using that you mentioned? I could really use it.

One last question: What are you planning to use to cover the servo cables and wires? I found that common flexible corrugated wire tubing works great and look awesome on robots. It comes in all sizes and the black color would fit right into your design.

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