What About We Send Him A Gift?


Hi friends
Browsing around the instructables site I found this kid in Indonesia! His version of wal-e made of junk really impressed me.


Specially because all the electronics are taken from old toys! I wrote him asking if he have heard about EZ-b. He said yes, but unfortunately have no money to buy one.
So, I was wandering, with that kind of talent, what this kid would be able to do with an Ez-b in hands..
So, here is my proposition. Why don't we send him a board as a gift?!
Mabe we could find 20 members that could contribute with, let's say, 15 dollars, and we could send him that?
What you guys think?
And, DJ, do you think the shop would be able to manage contributions and send him the kit?
Just an idea...
Greetings from Brazil!


I would contribute.



same here,count me in.i have to tranfer it do.


Absolutely! Count me in Smile


I think that's a great idea Smile


Count me in Smile


Maybe a Developer's kit would be good?... I am good for $15 or so... What's that, like $200 Canadian now? Tongue


I am in for $15 if I can spend my EZ-Bucks store credit.

I do have a concern though, which is where does this end? There are a lot of bright, needy kids out there. In fact, a couple of months ago @Dinesh in India posted asking if there was a way to get a free EZ-B or trade some kind of services. We pointed him to the holiday video contest as a way to win store credit.

To really do this right, we should set up a "scholarship" program that we can donate money or store credit to, have an application and evaluation process, and some kind of expectation of a return on our investment (ie, awardee will post Youtube videos of their creation crediting EZ-Robotics for sponsoring them or something similar).



@Alan, while I agree somewhat the kid in Indonesia never asked for anything.... Dinesh came on here and I got a perceived attitude from him that deserves or was expecting to get something for free... Now it may have been the language barrier and I could be totally off base, but I felt he had a little attitude...


Great folks!
I'm so happy to count with you to make this kid happy.
Let's spread the idea and see how many of our fellows can contribute. Then DJ could ask someone at sells department to instruct us how to send the money (mabe thru pay pal to Ez-robot with an specific instruction)?!

Lets make it happen. Grin