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Sorry that's 180 degrees total, not 180 degrees in either direction from centre. the Standard Servo will only turn to point left, right or centre not backwards. For that it would need a Modified Servo and would have no position control.


@James, I still get creeped out when I see that video cut. Still cant eat pea soup. *sick*


The Kit has a continuous servo in it. You just have to be cretin it doesn't spin round and around. It would twist up all the wires going through the neck.

Something to consider with Modified Servos. Usually you need to remove the pot and that causes you to loose position control. There are ways around that though but now we are getting complicated. *tired*


Ok. As far as I can tell, to start I need

I need
• EZ-B v4 WiFi Robot Controller
• Heavy Duty Servo (For the arms)
• Humanoid Body (do I need this? seems like a good idea)

But I think I also need.
• Pan and tilt servo for the eyes. (can't find here, Servo city?)
• 2S LiPo 5000mh (can't find here, Servo city?)
• Battery charger.
• Skeleton for the arms.?
• Skull of some sort?
• The guy on here who did it before actually replaced the eyes so they could look left and right I think. I tried finding out what he used but to no avail.

• A servo for the neck side to side
• A servo for the neck look up / look down.

Is that it? If so can you advise me on the remaining items.
I can just imagine me sitting down to do this and discovering I have forgotten something vital.


This is all brilliant advice: Thanks guys!


The neck up, down, side to side is called pan and tilt. You can make your own but servo city has them prebuilt. However I don't know if any of them will fit in your application.

The eyes only need a micro servo each and linkage.

Rich has built a bot called Marvin that has blinking eyes and a mouth that reacts in sink to a sound file. You should take a look at his project.

I guess you could just get a Revolution JD and adapt it into your bear. However that would take some tinkering also.


Awesome Smile


We put a JD inside a teddy bear... maybe some inspiration? Grin


@chrissi that is AMAZING


The humanoid body would be a good idea to hold the EZ-B and battery however, by a simplified skeleton I meant something like this...

User-inserted image

Obviously it's something I just threw together and not in any way to the right proportions but you get the idea. It's a cheaper option to using a JD (however, given what comes with JD it may be better to go down the JD route and add some extension blocks to make him fill the teddy better.