Robotic Arm


This is what I have been looking for, or something that is more affordable. I have lived with ALS for over 13 years. The average lifespan is 2-5 years. I am still able to chew and swallow but I haven't been able to feed myself for several years. I live alone and I have a caregiver 8-9 hours a day. Three hours of that time is feeding me two meals a day. No snacking while I'm alone. Obviously I have no way of building something like this, I'm still trying to get my Roll finished! I would definitely be good PR for EZ-Robot following the press coverage of ALS this year. If this is a project someone or a group is willing to help me with I would be appreciative ... extremely.


It's not that difficult a project to replicate now that it's been designed. An exact copy of V's design is simply;

1 Hexapod base and dome
8 extension blocks
1 small extension block
2 rotation servos
3 lever servos
1 camera
1 gripper
1 EZ-B
1 Battery

To save a little money you could replace 2 of the lever servos, 1 rotation servo and the gripper with the 3 servo arm

Control of the arm may be a little more tricky, depending on how automated you need it.

P.S. This has inspired me a lot! I've been thinking of how to make something for a while and EZ-Bits are the answer... Watch this space Smile