Inmoov With A Slight Modification


This Inmoov is a big project for an armature like me. I have lots to finalize and complete. I will be starting to add scripts in EZB4 to being Inmoov alive in the next few days, maybe weeks. I know this will be the hardest for me as it makes my head hurt most often then none. *stress* I know I will learn many new things as I progress. And not to fool my self, I will probably have many questions.*blush*

I just ordered my second EZB4 for all the servos this robot needs. Smile In the mean time I will use one of my EZB3 with the EZB4.
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Love it! Cant wait to see him in action.


This looks so cool!
Where did you get the face?
I wish you luck getting everything running.


@ mcsdaver. it is a woo wee Elvis head which enable me to have eyes up/down, left right,brows move ect. i hope to show case soon.
thanks Smile


I have the same head and didn't know yours was Elvis. lol
I have a working Wow Wee Elvis and one taken apart with servos added.
That one is waiting for a female face.
Hope to see your robot doing his thing soon.
Again, he is looking great.


Hi mscdaver, I have seen and read some of your post. I like the fact you make your robots from scratch/design. I would like to know where to buy your book once you complete writing it. I love your videos. Is the Blue chested robot different then the white robot? Also love the video of your robots signing I their space ship. Wow!

I took a video the other night of my inmoov using my smartphone and it replayed side ways. I was going to post it anyway, but I can not uploaded. :-(
I am not sure how to post a video. So for now here is a picture of my completed Inmoov. I plan on shorting the neck in the next couple of days. He can move side to side and turn left and right, I my plan to have him rotate 360 not sure yet.

On a side note, there are lots of information on the web, on how to make a lifecast, then use it to make a silicon face/mask of a women's. I have made 10 lifecasts and no problems. You need 2 other people to help.

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@Merne.... Can I ask what you used to fill in the area where the Kinect would have gone?


@Richard R,
I reused the "bottomchestV1.stl" and cut the back of the tabs off, you can use screws or glue them together. I turned the "UnderkinectV1.stl" upside down. I also used the "middlechest.stl" without the PIR hole, turned it upside down and screwed it to the upper one. The very bottom I used the "TStomcovrightV2 and left stl" I did have to cut some of it off to fit. I also had to use a file to trim the chest parts a little on the sides to look ok.


The easiest way to post a video is upload it to youtube and then add a link to your video here.
Thanks for watching my animation of my Robot singing.
The white robots in the video are security robots aboard the ship.
The blue robot Dave is the captain of the ship and his friend Jen in red is first officer.
One of the small robot at the controls is Nana and she is behind a few upgrades because she likes being small. She is standing in her chair to reach the controls.
I will let everyone know when my story is finished.
Your robot looks amazing.
Looking forward to seeing him in action.


Mini-Bro has a new name "Simon"
Ez-mo is getting a mini-bro
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