Omnibot Anniversary Edition By


Ok, LeXI is all packed and since i wont be doing anything on her till i unpack in miami, i wanted to get the next project underway(at least introduce the bot).

Since i have a love for the Omnibot series I decided to make a limited edition anniversary Omnibot 2000. Here are the first drafts of the design. dual lcd screens. front lcd in the command center like the original and on the back a detachable android devive running a custom overlay for the ezb app. more to follow.

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As always Ant, it's looking outstanding!


Smile Smile Smile Smile


Wow dude, your creations are amazing and so inspiring, as soon as I can work out my traction issue on my k9 I hope to post a "showcase".

Keep up the great work, I will be following with excitement as after k9 I think I may have to invest in an omnibot of my own Smile


@mgodsell1973 thanks for the props, but you do understand this is a 100% 3D printed Omnibot Custom. im not using an actual Omni2000. Im 3d printing this 4.5' robot. It will be my first all 3d printed bot. Wheels, drive train,head,neck eyes hands arms all of it. it will have an OMNI-Wheel drive train which give the bot full 360 degrees of smooth scroll movement. full voice recon and custom made digitally enhanced robotic voice (DERV Audio). full array of sensors and will be exclusive to EZ-Robot tech. Only EZB on-board. I will post, once im settled in Miami the designs for the drive train and my Pivot-Point Rotary System whic you've seen on LeXI elbow and shoulders.


Nice! I hope you plan on selling these too . If cheap enough Id buy one!


@robohappy that is my plan. Quality without the price.


Hi Ant,

I guessed that it was 3d printed, I just have fallen for the omnibot series.



@mgodsell1973 yep they are the coolest of the 80's robots. My Anniversary edition is going to be really cool. Since it will be EZ-Bv4 driven my design has virtually no limits. This is the first draft of the design. I figure it will take 2 or 3 more versions to get it just right. I dont want it to look too different from the original, just brought up to date and more techy.


Cool is not the word, I love the versatility and the aesthetics remind me of my childhood. Good luck with the design process, I dont think I have had a mk1 work from the getgo. Winky



Thats awesome as are all of you're creation.What do you think would the cost to have all the parts 3d printed without any electronics or servos?