At Home With Jd


bis bis bis we want more. we want more. we want more.
can you make a little video how you did that.please please sir dj


I think you are saying "Please, please, please. we want more."
I think you have a J.D. on order and you are excited about the great movements .that D.J. showed in his video of J.D. at home.
I am sure he will do updates on the J.D. EZ Robot cloud file when he has time.
Maybe he will do a six at home video eventually when he has time.
These are exciting times!
I have so many cool new parts on order, but I am totally enjoying my EZB3,s!
Steve S


yyyyessssssss same here also many parts on order.
and beginning to order 3d parts too.
its the combination off symplicity and a great forum,
hehe dj invented a new healty drug.


You are cool,
I can relate to your interests in EZ Robot.
Steve S


@nomad18.08... Healthy drug? LOL... Not financially dude... Tongue


thank you steve s
we are all the coollest robot makers.
this forum will exsploot ,when averyone has there orders.
we need helmets haha Grin




first thank you dj for making this very needed video..and saying my name Smile

richard r there is no cheaper robot out there that can do what an ez robot can.


I hope I can get one of these! Grin



you can do the tutorials,so you will know what to do when your robot is comming.
he will be knocking at your door some day.