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Limitations With Sayezb Command?

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Good Evening,

I am a new with Ez-Robot. I am impressed. My question is trying to get the onboard sound to say something with in a string value. Can EZ-Builder do that?

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Hello Yes EZ-Builder can do that easy Smile


You can download EZ-Builder for free and play with it no need to have an EZ-B to use EZ-Builder
I spent most of my time playing with it with out powering up my robot and I get it to say all kinds of things using the Say("$Your_String_Here"Winky command.

Its just to EZ
some times its hard for me to get it to shut up Winky lol


Try this...


$value="I am a robot"

SayEzb{$value) #out the EZB4 board speaker

Say($value) #out through your PC speakers


Or a more complex example...


$temperature = HTTPGet("";)
$voltage = GetADC(ADC0)

SayEZB("Good morning, it is " + $time + " it is " + $temperature + " degrees outside.")
SayEZB("Your battery is holding " + $voltage + " volts")


Good show, Rich!


Wow! Thank You for the assistance! That was quick!


Any idea on how to have the text being sent to a second EZB's audio output?


As far as I can tell, the SayEZB script command only works on board 0 like Movement Panel commands.

If you have pre-recorded utterances, than the SoundServoEZB can be defined to use different boards and you can trigger them with ControlCommand script commands.

Being able to direct speech to a particular board (or defining a Movement Panel to something other than board 0) would be helpful on larger bots where one EZ-B needs to be in the body to control wheels but another can be in the head producing speech.



Maybe an optional parameter can be added to the say command. Or a plugin that accepts a ControlCommand()