Introducing The Altair Ez:2 Robot


I use these Panasonic sensors they do require a few external components.

The head sensor PIC looks at the PIRs outputs pulse length/repetitions and can then estimate how much human activity is occurring each side. All head sensory data is compressed into a data packet and sent to the v4 which is the master controller.

On sound localization I use a cross-correlation function that is quite complicated and requires a dedicated microcontroller - it can track sound with an accuracy of around 5 degrees in front and 9 degrees sides.



Thanks Tony, did you R&D the sound localization yourself, do you sell them or is there a supplier that retails these sound localizers.

I would love to us it in my Inmoov.



Hi.. simple question.
Is it for sale?
If so, where and how much it would cost one unit?


Is this robot available in the US? I've seen a couple of comments about it, but none answered. My son is home schooled with high functioning Asberger's (just a sub-type of Autism) as search we do robots once a week. Something like this (or been thinking maybe a inmoov build) could be great thus the reason I'm asking about availability in the US. Thanks!