Doombot V1.0


@MovieMaker, @Rich
Thank you gentlemen! Keep in mind this is just the skeleton...shells are gonna be made.
I'll try to document as much as I can. The bottom half is being worked on, but not pretty enough for photos just yet. The same tilting system that the neck has, only using bigger 12V linear actuators.

I'm gonna be using relays to trigger the motors...using photo switching so nothing is physically touching the EZ-b. I have a DC/DC converter thatll put out +5Vdc, +12Vdc, and -12Vdc to control speed and direction. These are worm geared motors so there pretty slow, but I'm going for that "effect" anyway. I want to create a monster! haha. I'll be using potentiometers to measure feedback.

I'm also gonna employ a UPS system to where I have an A and B battery pack, that switches when the A is being used, the B is being charged, and vice versa...more on the details when we get there.


Super cool! Great Job... Keep the photos coming...!


@doombot- awesome looking bot.i wanted to sub to this post so, i have to ask, do you have the geiger ibanez?


Thanks Antron007 !

No I did not get the Giger Ibanez...any version. Simply because mine are better. I hate Ibanez. Overrated overpriced crap.


Doombot You've got a Great design going, I certainly will be glued to this thread for your progress and contribution towards the "big bots" !


Thanks man! Yes I am pretty excited how this is gonna turn out its my first bot!


Doombot ,
I know that you said that was parts from old guitars, how did you build that?
Are you using air pistons or linear actuators?
So cool.
Looking forward to more.
Steve S


@Doombot- So last off topic question, what are you playing these days?


@Steve S

Most of these parts are scratch built, but I didn't say I used old guitar parts, I said ill use parts from MY guitars, I build and manufacture them, so they're not "used". My guitars are biomechanical abominations haha

I am gonna use mini pneumatic cylinders (air) for the arms, controlled by a solenoid, speed is controlled by the air valve. I'm gonna use potentiometers to measure feedback.

The linear actuators (12vdc) are gonna be used on the lower body. I'm gonna use relays to control that.