Hello Justin,

a diffrent Question:

It is possible that the EZ-Face, after recognise me, stops for example 10 min. to say Hello to me.

(Ok no problem - in the Script "sleep(10000)"

But if my girlfriends will come, the recognition knows hear and say hello and then also 10 times break for her.

So its no problem to do this only if i am one person - let the script sleeps 10 minutes (because it will be getting on my nerv if the Roboter say every second hello to me)

It must be someling like a excel list.

Now Time 18:46

Boris i see @ 18:45 (not say Hello to Boris for 10 Minutes)
Girlfriend i see @ 17:12 (i can say Hello to girlfriend)

Do you think i can solve this problem with a script or is there any chance for my idea?



You can solve that in a script in EZ-Builder, because EZ-Faces passed the variable of the face it recognizes. What you choose to do with that data is up to you in EZ-Builder.

But with the recent addition DJ made to EZ-Builder with an improved Custom Object recognition, why don't you try training the faces in EZ-Builder as a custom object first, then you can script everything inside EZ-Builder.


Dear Sir,

I am suing your EZ-Face software and developing an multiple face recognition attendance software.
But I am facing some problem, I am using Logitech HD Webcam - C615 when we start recognition its not detecting with accuracy.

Example: if I show “alex face” its detecting with some other name. like “john”. you can see the attachment face detecting on different name (Please suggest me the solution.)

And second one is how can I connect my IP camera with this software?
Example My IP camera link is and login id is admin and password is 123456
I need your support Please help me … I am waiting for your reply..

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I am no longer supporting this software at this time. For any enhancements you'll need to develop those on your own if you wish to. I would recommend using RoboRealm for vision processing as it will allow you learn faces. There are also several vision plug ins DJ Sures has added to EZ-Builder that allow you do additional vision processing Combining those are going to be better than what EZ-Face was developed to be back in 2014.

Good luck with your project.


EZ-Builder has OBJECT TRACKING AND TRAINING built-in. There is no reason to use roborealm or ez-face. Read the manual: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=80

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Just looking into facial recognition. I see the Ezbuilder has facial tracking, but does it have a means to differentiate between multiple faces - like see one - say hi XXXX see another say hi YYY, like that? If I missed it, a link to howto, is appreciated.


1) The post that you responded to answers the question. For more information, continue reading in my response.

2) Visit The Robot Program by clicking on learn on the top menu to see Activities on using your ez-robot. In this question, the answer to training a specific face can followed in episode #46. The link is here: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Lesson/106

3) Click the ? (question mark) next X (close) no any control in EZ-Builder to obtain assistance with that control, including Activities and tutorials. The camera control has many tutorials. Here is a direct link to the camera control manual page: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=80

Enjoy the learn section! Have fun with The Robot Program