Wall-e From Czech Republic


i dont think wall E have actully voice only a few words like eva.


Yes it is true. You need for the creation of new words or sentences voice synthesizer and it is not easy. However Wall-e knows only words from the movie, then it would not be Wall-e Grin


Hi Donesvarc,
First say that is an amazing job and you inspired me to buid one.

Following your job and Adria Garcia (http://diymakers.es/wall-e/#prettyPhoto), I'm trying to build my one Wall-e, but I'm having troubles to define low cost servo motors without loose quality, due Hitec seems really expensive.

How much cost all servomotors that you mention?
And also, where you bought them? At hobbyking?
Here at local stores, price of hitec is doubled Frown, so I will have to find a european provider that have all range of servos.

By the way, I understood that requires to be metallic gears and digital to avoid tilt and be broken gears.

You believe that power hd servos could be an alternative servo to reduce costs?


Adria's Wall-E is cool. Different model and different brain - arduino, but really cool. So. I used servos from hobbyking and from my old flying models. Hitec is expensive, true, but reliable. For moving of wall-e, head tilt and rotation is used servos with metal gear, complete metal gear. Digital servo version is not important. I used both analog and digital too. HD are good servos. But they must fit into the reduced space of robot. Please carefully check the servos dimension. Shops are not always true :-).


I decided to continue in project. I would like to use more IR sensor for obstacles detection from different angles. I don't know why, but edge sensors after upgrade of SW are not reliable. they are very sensitive for different floor covers, carpets etc. I will change them for obstacle detection. I will also develop another behavior models.


Hi Donesvarc,
Nice to hear your answer and pretty more great that you would work in it again (^_^)

Right now, a more or less pricing for me could cost about 400euros.
So my question is:
How about cost you mount wall-e?
Is for have a estimative cost what is acceptable to pay and what is over expensive.

My first block is money Frown and I only have wall-e toy dismounted and prepared to mixing your job and some other concepts of Adria's project.
I'm affraid to waste money and not catch main objective of robot.

Do you have any first advice to me to start and then advance step by step following money possibilities?
Due have robot open for much time I belive that would be a problem of dust and damage few components installed.
I suppose that start for microcontroller + batery + main motors of wheels could be a possibility and then add motors every month or like that...

Also problem to do like this is travel costs of each online-shop; so I don't know what is best...
Wait to earn all money and buy all, or buy in 2 or 3 times; to could afford more quick and could work through earning for new buying?

Sorry for writting you often, but is my first robot working from 0, learning through internet + some books, and I really appreciate your experiencies and from other buildiers to avoid errors and could done this wall-e experiencie that I'm so enthusiastic to do. *blush*

Following your project and news every month!
I hope you have luck with edge and obstacle sensors. Also add some soft rubber or cardboard couldn't help you for this matter?
Have a nice day!


I think it is important to find the right servo drive belts and neck motion of the head. For others, it's almost one. Definitely pay attention to consuming drives, arms, neck, lifting belt drives. Servos must be metal. The dimensions of each servo needs to be measured.

I have built Wall-e with MCU V3. V4 is now easier. Anyway, it is necessary to solve the cameras connected to the MCU to fit the cabling into the braid.


Due I found some buildiers of Wall•E's I created a facebook club to try to join all people involved nowadays and share open information, photos, and ideas.

Wall•E buildiers club -- . https://www.facebook.com/groups/790473184415755/

As a reference of wall•e buildier, I want to invite to participate to this club and also people who has participated in ezrobot forum.


Hi Donesvarc,

I am very impressed on your job so I decided to follow your steps.

The first thing I am trying to figure out is the camera.

Can you provide detail product info of the camera module (manufacturer, model name)? I want to use same product because most of cameras that I've found doesn't fit into the Wall-E's eye.



Camera is original from packet ez-robot v3. But you can find it also on e-bay pages or DX.com - KTZ-100MB.

2.4 wireless camera