Wall-e From Czech Republic


I know, that board v3 is out, but it is good opportunity to test a lot of things in robotic area. This board has still good price/performance rate.
Before I started working, I was solving the connectivity problem until I found out subsequently, that the delivered BT was faulty and so I ordered on eBay another. I did not deal with the claim, because sending to Canada was more expensive than buy another BT module with free shipping. Another factor was the time spent in solving many problems outside the building Wall-E.


Wall-E gesture tests


very very very awesome


good work! now you can focus on wall-e's personality Smile


Very nice so far. I'm very impressed. Nice workmanship and great pictures. Tongue


I am watching Wall-E movie with my son to learn some gestures....


there is a wall E game too


Beautiful Wall-E. The gestures are smooth and genuine which I am very impressed by. Awesome job! Smile


Thanks, I plan some improvements - new IR sensor for side detection and gestures.


Very cool work!