Mini-zip V3 Upgrade.


Could it be a router problem? I had to buy a new router because my old one was causing constant disconnects (resets)....


jdbay uses eneloops rechargebles.

they are 1.2 volts,maybe its posseble when you count them all together,
you get a little to low.
eneloops are special batt whit very low drain.



no voltage regulator, no reset

ez-b v4 info controls input voltage 7.05 volts no reset

over max voltage for servos, interesting.

@Richard R

router is fine. no reset when testing food-botv4 or mini-zip with v3.



i count 6 eneloops is 7.2 volts.


i love the little yellow hex bot with the ping sensor for its eyes, it reminds me of the roboquad. i would love to know how to build. its like having a ezb v4 version roboquad Grin