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Writing this plugin is absolutely on my (unfortunately lengthy and rarely getting any shorter) to do list. From the research I have done there is plenty of source to steal ^b^b^b^b^b borrow from for IMU listeners. I actually can't believe we have been talking about this for 3 years. It is really something I want to do.



@Dj : seriously? You want me to fight my lazyness and not satisfy my capricious Mind?! Hahaha!

Well... ok then, I'll get to work... Smile

Thanks for the link I'll look into this as soon as the time is given to me... I have a champagne party to set up for Saturday and so far I only bought tons of champagne... @Alan, @Rich or @Dj, join us if you're in NY! Well celebrate five years (I think) since I started as a complete beginner in the field and now became the guy to whom you say: Hey! program it yourself! " I'm sooo Flattered! Grin but beware of the tons of dumb questions that'll come (with the usual spaghettis) once I put my nose Into it!


Champagne party? Man that would be fun! Classy way to drink Grin


Ok, here we go!

@Dj I read and watched all tutorials available on EZ-ROBOT website and so far creating a new plugin is pretty doable as long as it's within EZ_builder's presets classes.

On the other end writing an UDP listener in C# is also pretty simple.

What I can't figure out is how to make these work together within the same code in Visual Studio... here lies my limit right now.