Brewster The Beer Buddy


Wow. This is cool. Have not had much time to advance Brewster much but this little blurb may have just inspired me to add more features. Thanks to you guys at EZ-Robots I have a few more ideas that I might try to implement. Thanks DJ for posting this. Just a side note I drink all kinds of beer not just Keystone.


RobMcc ,
Congrats Rob.
A great project.
Will be following any new features you might have.
Thank you for sharing.
Steve S


@RobMcc I also wanted to say congrats on getting published! When introducing new people to EZ-Robot we like to talk...ok...brag...about projects like yours that are created by the EZ-Robot community. We love getting published ourselves but it makes us even more proud to see the community getting the recognition it deserves! I have a feeling we are going to see a lot more community projects in blogs & magazines in the days ahead Smile