Brewster The Beer Buddy


First crack at my beer buddy a few more lines of code for opening the fridge adding some led light strips and good to go. Updated video to come but this is what I have so far.


well done. Winky Smile


Very nice! I was expecting to see "Moosehead" beer ..or Canadian! Thanks for sharing.....Have you thought about modifying the gripper just for beer cans? Smile


Funny you asked that irobot58 because I just finished some rubber grips which do hold my cans a lot better.


Ha! What fun! That little guy would be a huge seller here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! We consider ourselves to be the beer capitol of the world next to Germany.

Is your little dude RC controlled or script? I can see a problem with beer spilling out of an open beer can and on top of it when he reaches back and up. That could only be a problem if you open one yourself and send it over to your buddy an the other couch while watching the game on TV of if you teach it to open them for you. Smile

Well done!


Thanks, he is script controlled and this video was just a sample to give you an idea how it works. Have tested it on a unopened can and it indeed works when I have the code finished I will add a new video. My idea was to have it voice activated to respond to "grab me a beer" and he moves to the small fridge opens it and retrieves a can and returns to the couch.


Love it man. That was my first goal is to have a robot to bring me a beer Smile has not happened yet and you are for sure going to beat us all to it Smile. Hope to see it open the fridge soon.


Dude! That is so cool Grin

My only question is... how good are the batteries? Meaning, will they last long enough to bring me a beer?


excellent just love it.
does it clean too?

j Smile Smile Smile Smile


Hey DJ. I want to thank you for all your great tutorials and this forum which helped greatly on this project. Much appreciated. Will have to add a solar charging unit to bring you a beer i think.