Release 2011.05.12.00



- EZ-Builder v2011.05.12.00


- Added new script command (toggleDigital)

- Added Voice Recognition Enable/Disable control

- Added adjustable joystick axis centering values

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Wow great new stuff. Thanks for the Alarm time btw

Can I request if poss that Servo's are released after so many milliseconds of inactivity to stop buzzing/hunting that I get? If that makes sense?


thanx Smile

Servos will always hold their position. If the servos are buzzing for you, then verify they are not at their maximum rotation position. If they are stll not, but buzz.. then check your power source. If the power source is using "alternate power", then you are most likely feeding too much power to the servo.

Servos don't like having more than 5-5.5 volts... Sometimes they will do with 6, but rarely 7.

Also, if your servos are under a high load, they will buzz.

Cheap servos will act strangely also.

What I can do is create a script function named "WaitForServoMove" .. That will pause the script until a servo has moved... Then you can make a repeating script that does this...




EZ-Builder v2011.05.12.01 Has been released

- New script command (WaitForServoMove)


I must admit I'm using cheap servo's. It's more of a hum than a buzz as I think the servo stops sometimes between two positions.

I'll give the script a go and see if that helps its not exactly a problem tho'

Thanks Smile