DJ's Omnibot 2000


@dj nope doesn't have anything for different eyes. Is the amber color from bulbs or a amber lenses. Were yours amber? Thanks


There Is Omnibot 2000 - 5405


Sorry The Underline IS NOT A Link


what components did you use in the robot . Material list


Check the first post in this thread for a link to the materials list.


An EZ Robot omnibot ezbit mod kit would be amazing. Oh, wait... I'm day dreaming out loud.


I've seen an Omnibot 2000 available now for sale LOP.

If i didn't live in Australia i would have got it..shipping is too crazy for something that size sadly,.


This is beyond amazing. I am a big fan of EZ-Robot and the community.

I was fortunate enough to get a Omnibot 2000 and plan on installing the EZB 4/2 into it. I have questions pertaining to the arms of the Omnibot and the servo setup.

I am curious what servos were used for the shoulders, elbows, wrists and claws? Is there a guide on upgrading the arms with servos?

Lastly, what H Bridge is recommended for the drive motors? Should I change the motors to something more beefier?

Thank you all for all the contributions. This site and the EZ-Robot product line is inc readable resource.



Hi Sean,

Here's a link to page with a lot of building tips including a material list. Most of the parts can be bought right here in the EZ Robot store. Best thing is things like the HD servos are now upgraded to the new EZ Robot servos that are super amazing and powerful.

Omnibot 2000 building tip page

EZ Robot Store - DIY Page

Have fun! Grin


Thank you for the links!