First Robot From Bits Around The House


Cute. I see you have been bitten by the Bug. It is a passion for me. Sorry the wife does not support your efforts. It can be a truely marvelous experience.

Good Luck on future builds.



Agree - it is fun. The intention was to try and pull together something fast on the hardware side so I could concentrate on developing some interesting software for the bot. Being driven by a 6yr olds demands has meant the bot was bigger and heavier than originally envisaged! Those tiny wheels supplied in the kit did not cut it for the grand imagination at play.
But it has taken a lot longer than anticipated! I failed to realise the amount of tinkering / experimentation required just to get the bot to do the basics. As you can see - constructing things is not my day job - but have had some fun.
It's interesting - if the new ez-robots had been available when I purchased, I would have probably just bought one of the full kits. Probably still will - But I'm not sure that I or my son would have learnt as much in the process. Certainly glad I took the creative approach first. There is something to be said for working creatively with the tools / materials available to come up with a unique bot!

at some point I will have to splash out and get the new kits as having a 4ft plus bot fling around the living room at high speeds is not ideal!
Will continue to play around and see if I can refine this bot a little further.

Oh yes, and the wife is slowly warming to it :-)