Wall-e Wall-e From Poland - Tribute To My Newborn Child - Marcel :-)


Excellent additions to your robot. Nice detail.
Is the voltage readout part of a voltage regulator, or is it a separate unit?
Steve S


Thank you very much Smile For bar voltage metering I have separate unit connected stright to battery, because only in this way I can really check the power level (voltage regulator has to much loss). I've also do the voltage check on ez-board ADC port to signal low level via the wall-e like "Robot in danger - I don't have power" speaking ;-)


Excellent work!


@fisha Very impressive workmanship on your Wall-E! I like the work you did on the arms.
Which servo did you use for horizontal arm movement? How did you attach it to the grey plastic joint?

I bought a Wall-E 7 months ago and ordered a Development Kit. While I patiently wait for that to arrive I've been reviewing all Wall-E projects on this community forum and I've started taking my Wall-E apart.
I've undone the two screws in the arms but can't pull the 2 halves fully apart. The plastic at the end near the hands is glued together.
I'm scared of using too much force in case I break it.
Is this normal or does it have to be cut to come apart?


woa woa woa! hold up

@fisha how did you do the voltage meter light up on the front panel!?!?!? that's amazing!