Release 2011.05.10.00


Hello! Welcome to another release of EZ-Builder! Wait, didn't we just have one yesterday? Sure did! Here is the update...

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EZ-Builder: 2011.05.10.00
Firmware: V11


- Joystick support now includes a command for PRESS and RELEASE of joystick buttons

- Joystick Configure will highlight the button when pushed on the joystick. Makes finding buttons easier

- Soundboard Control added for WAV files. 10 Wav files can be loaded into the sound board and triggered from the buttons to play from PC Soundcard. TODO: Add scripting ability to trigger soundboard files.

- Script compiler returns more descriptive error messages

- New script command: WaitUntilTime( hour, minute ). Pauses script until the desired hour and minute has been reached. Neat feature for configuring your robot as an alarm clock


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It is really impressive to see that you have implemented the request (for an alarm) that was made just yesterday Smile