Release 2011.05.09


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EZ-B Firmware Version: 11
EZ-Builder: v2011.05.09.01
EZ-SDK: v2011.05.09.01

- EZ-B V3 Support Added!

- Communication protocol speed increased by 75%!

- Joystick Support Added!

- I2C Support Added!

- BlinkM Module and Control

- Now supports 20 Servos (rather than 14)!

- UART bug fix

- EZ-Builder's Modified Servo Movement Panel bug fix

- Roomba Module Bug Fixed

- EZ-Builder Script compiler speed increase

- New Script commands (serial, i2c, playnote, text to speech, etc)

- EZ-Builder camera color tracking module now contains motion control to follow objects

- Servo timing accuracy increased

- Modified Servo speed added

- Ports renamed from RA, RB, RC, RD to D0..D19

- Pause buttons added to EZ-Builder query controls

- Servo position references range changed

- EZ Builder controls default to NA for optional servo port settings

- Many more enhancements and updates

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This release is not backwards compatible for existing EZ-Builder projects. This is nearly an entire re-write of EZ-Builder, EZ-SDK and Firmware. And because of that, we were not able to salvage backward compatibility references. We assure you that this is a very rare incident.

And as promised, this firmware update is compatible with the EZ-B v2.1! Smile

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Wow this is getting serious now all these updates have added loads more potential to my Robot build. Glad you also fixed the joystick bug Winky

Thanks for the continued development



Oh don't worry! There are many more features on the horizon Smile Expect a new release nearly every month


Ok cool. In that case can I make a request for an alarm function I want my Robot to be able to wake me up in the morning... *sleep*


I'll add it to the list Grin

Great idea btw!